CHT Blueprint

In-Person in Phoenix, AZ March 17-19, 2023

Your blueprint for becoming a CHT!! We love helping people pass the CHT Exam. This 2.5 day in-person course is designed to cover all of the content you need to know for the CHT Exam, but… presented in a fun and dynamic way. Come have fun with us and get your blueprint for success.

The unique HTA approach to teaching hand therapy includes unique anatomy models and simple, functional descriptions of some of the most complex concepts. These will not only get you ready to pass the exam, but also become a better clinician.

There are several bonuses we’ll include to get you ready. You’ll get free access to and all of their awesome content. You’ll also get handouts of all of the content for review and studying.

Reserve your seat for only $650

But this course is about more than just slide shows and content. Its about all of YOU. We’ll include a unique community atmosphere. With direct mentorship, interactive quizzing throughout the course and methods to match any learning style, we’ll support you as you get ready to take the CHT exam.

PLUS: Being in Phoenix in March means you’ll get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and sights away from the cold winter. Come join us for a 2 ½ -day course, with interactive and dynamic learning in an onsite course in warm and sunny Phoenix.

The first ½ day will focus on anatomy and physiology. We’ll use dynamic and interactive methods to cover everything you need to know for anatomy of the hand.

Knowing these timelines & principles will help you figure out so many other concepts.

We’ll cover everything from shoulder to the PIP joint and help you get a grasp on timelines and protocols for all of the relevant diagnoses.

Carpal Instability, anastamoses, tendon transfers. We’ll help you begin to understand it all and make it much less scary.

Tips & tricks to optimize your studying. Learning test taking strategies. Getting direct insight from several recent test takers.

Reserve your seat for only $650