Acquired Neurological Injuries

Acquired Neurologic diagnoses include traumatic brain Injuries, post stroke & spinal cord Injuries. These events present with unique challenges for hand use as the patient progresses. This course delves into the special needs that arise for this population when trying to preserve functional hand use after an injury.

Acquired Neurological Injuries

Mirror box therapy is also included in this course as it can be an integral aspect of retraining the brain for awareness to the affected side.

Evaluation, treatment, Patient and caregiver training and orthosis fabrication are all included in this course. Improving the functional hand skills for these patients can be challenging but this course is designed to improve your clinic skills and ability to work with this population.

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Acquired Neurological Injuries
Acquired Neurological Injuries

Everything you need to know about providing care for a patient with an acquired neurologic diagnosis is covered in this course.

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Learn the details and needs for patients with traumatic brain Injury, post stroke and spinal cord injury

We cover how to conduct an evaluation for these patients and focus on their specific, functional concerns

Treatment and considerations for improving functional independence for this population

Demonstration of the use of a mirror box for neuromotor remapping for an affected side

Demonstration on how to make an orthosis to aid managing spasticity

Demonstration on how to make an orthosis to preserve the 1st web space and prevent contracture

3 different, low tech, treatment ideas for retraining awareness to the affected side and midline shift

Closing and Course Quiz for CEUs

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