Anatomy and Kinesiology E-Book

We LOVE everything about anatomy. It’s the starting point for everything we do in hand therapy. This e-book covers all of the core concepts in hand therapy and some of those tricky concepts that seem so elusive.

Anatomy and Kinesiology

Wrist kinematics are complicated and VISI/DISI is just one example of how complicated it can be.

We offer graphics, demonstrations and unique 3D anatomy models to help make sense of some of the most complicated anatomy concepts of the hand and fingers.

Anatomy and Kinesiology

Peripheral nerve anatomy and order of innervation graphics are included as well as extensor mechanism and MCP cam joint mechanics are covered with clear graphics.

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Anatomy and Kinesiology

This e-book also provides unique descriptions and images demonstrating joint manipulation mechanics based on concave/convex principles and visuals on identifying the carpal bones based on surface anatomy.

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