Bullet Proof Documentation

How you document matters. It’s used to justify services to insurance companies and may be used as a legal document in court proceedings.

Hand therapy evaluation template

Are your notes good enough to stand up in court? Or do you have bad habits you’ve fallen into? Maybe there are things you don’t know you should be including.

This course will make sure your notes are bullet proof. Making sure you include all of the necessary language to support your evaluation, and suggested plan of care, is crucial to getting your patient the therapy they need. And, thorough clarity will make any future testimony simple.

Hand therapy evaluation template

Do you know the 4 elements that should be included in each of your activity descriptions? What you did, how long you did it for, why you did it and what makes it a skilled service. Including these 4 items makes all of your activities connect to your goals and removes any doubt on why you selected them.

Hand therapy evaluation template
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We’ll talk about the 8 minute rule, and how it’s significantly different for Medicare billing. We’ll explain Medicare’s Roll Up rule and how to make sure you stay in compliance.

Hand therapy evaluation template

As always, our Ebook has a TON of great resources. We include lots of samples of what you can put into your notes and sample goals to make sure you have all of the right components without turning your notes into full length novels.

Hopefully you never to explain your notes in arbitration. But if you do, this course will make sure your notes can stand up to scrutiny and help your patients get funding for the services they need. Join us as we help make your documentation Bullet Proof.

Are your notes good enough to hold up in court? Do you include all of the elements needed for insurance providers? We’ll talk about how to make sure your notes are bullet proof.

Knowing how you will document when the evaluation is over will help you structure your evaluation. We include a ton of tips and tricks to improve the quality of your evaluation write-ups.

Do you know the key words to avoid? How about those that help to justify your treatment as skilled services? We’ll give you principles to follow and lots of specific examples.

Updating, or discharging, your plan of care requires solid justification. We’ll help you make sure your changes have all of the support needed.

These can be quick notes, but knowing how to document and describe your splints in a fast and efficient manner will make your notes truly bullet proof.

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After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

Course Objectives:

1. Students will be able to explain the 8 minute rule.

2. Students will be able to identify the 4 elements to include in each activity recorded in a note.

3. Attendees will be able to explain the 5 elements of a well written goal using either RUMBA or SMART methods.

4. Attendees will be able to discuss the necessary elements of an orthosis fabrication note.

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Education Level: Intermediate Level, foundational knowledge
Instructional Method: Independent Distance Learning using a post-course assessment
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Cancellation policy: If the course has yet to be started, a full refund will be granted to the learner if the request is made within 30 days of purchasing the course. If the instructor cancels a full refund will be provided to each participant.
Course completion certificate available after getting an 80% or better on the post-course assessment and answering survey questions on course and course instructors.
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