Carpal Kinematics Explained E-Book

The anatomy, kinesiology and mechanics of the carpal bones are so complicated. Knowing what moves when and how to protect for each type of injury is daunting. But in this e-book we break it all down for you. Each of the four types of carpal instability (CID, CIND, CIC, CIA) and their subtypes are covered and the anatomy and kinesiology to make sense of it all.

This e-book will simplify all of it for you. We simplify all of the anatomy, kinesiology, treatment principles and splinting. All to make sure you are caring for your patients’ wrist instability in the best possible way.

It’s important to know which muscles to target for each type of injury. Which are ‘friendly’ or ‘unfriendly’ to the scapholunate ligament vs the lunotriquetral ligament. We cover how to target those muscles and the progression from proprioceptive input to isometrics to light strengthening.

We’ll show you how to test for volar midcarpal stability with the midcarpal shift test. It’s a super simple provocative test that will give you clear information to direct your treatment. As will the evidence based treatment guidelines provided for all 4 primary diagnoses.

We break it all down with dynamic graphics, helpful & printable handouts, treatment guidelines and descriptions that make sense and are designed to make you a better therapist and help your patients get better.

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation and treatment of carpal instability is included in this book.

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