CMC Arthritis

First CMC Arthritis is a staple of most hand therapy clinics and managing conservative and post operative care for this population requires an understanding of the anatomy and a few handy tricks to get the best outcomes

CMC Arthritis Treatment

This course starts with a dynamic review of anatomy and arthrokinematics to explain the unique structure of the saddle joint of the thumb and the key ligaments involved in stability, and dysfunction of the 1st CMC joint.

We include a dynamic review, and demonstrations, of evidence based provocative testing of the thumb and treatment guidelines for preoperative and post operative management for patients with osteoarthritis of the 1st CMC joint.

CMC Arthritis Treatment

With printable home program handouts for your patients and treatment guidelines for you, the included ebook also helps guide treatment planning.

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Finally, we include step-by-step instructions for the most common orthoses for support of the thumb for both conservative and post operative care.

CMC Arthritis Treatment

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication for care of the patient with 1st CMC osteoarthritis is included in this course.

Welcome and Ebook

A unique 3D model used to explain the saddle joint and it’s ligaments

How to conduct a complete eval for a 1st CMC OA patient

Treatment before surgery can be highly successful

Stretch & Tag method for a hand-based thumb spica

Teaching activity modification and joint protection

Explanation of the surgical options

Protocols for treatment after trapeziectomy

Closing and Course Quiz for CEUs

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After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

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