Common PIP Joint Diagnoses E-Book

It’s such a small joint, but it can cause such giant problems. The PIP joint has a TON of structures that cross it’s path. Each one can cause problems if too loose, too tight, or even slightly out of position. This ebook will help you understand all of the objects at play and understand how to help treat patients with each diagnosis.

Common PIP Joint Diagnoses E-book

Knowing the anatomy of the PIP joint, like everything else, is key to understanding diagnosis and treatment. We include simple and clear images of the PIP joint and the related diagnoses.

With so many splinting options available, knowing the right one to choose is tricky. We take you through an explanation of the splinting options for dislocations, boutonniere, swan neck and joint stiffness.

Common PIP Joint Diagnoses E-book

We break it all down with dynamic graphics, helpful & printable handouts, treatment guidelines and descriptions that make sense and are designed to make you a better therapist and help your patients get better.

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Common PIP Joint Diagnoses Ebook

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication for care of the patient with PIP joint dysfunction is included in this book.

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