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Educating your staff is crucial to keeping your clinics productive. Quality education in the hand therapy market is hard to find. Hand Therapy Academy has focused on making the highest quality educational content, making it fun and engaging, evidence based and packed full of resources.

The Pro tier and CHT Prep tiers offer your staff access to all of our continuing education courses. With 16 different courses (and growing) your staff will have access to up to date and clear courses that ensuring they have all the access to the needed content for practicing in a hand therapy setting.

Both tiers include a free subscription to This online program gives an amazing 3D fully interactive models and an anatomy atlas with dissection and quizzing available. You can use this resource as a learning tool or teaching tool for your patients and students.

Pro Membership Tier
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Clear and uniform HEP handouts, evidence based treatment guidelines, norm data sheets and countless other resources will help your staff get the best training to provide the best care for their patients.

Pro Membership Tier

If your staff are interested in becoming Certified Hand Therapists we have a program for that too. The CHT program has all of the elements of the Pro TIer PLUS a structured week-by-week plan with readings, guides and specific content for each week to walk you through the content systematically.

Biweekly online study groups also provide accountability and a group learning setting as well as the ability to go back and watch them later if you can’t make it to the live version, Digital flashcards, study documents, video trainings and brain dump templates are all designed to give your staff a structured and thorough plan to ace the CHT Exam.

Pro Membership Tier Contents

Over 55 different standardized handouts to bring professionalism to your patient care and home program recommendations

Demo Videos & Printable handout with instructions and supporting research for the provocative test with the best sensitivity and specificity

All of our CEU courses are included for free in the Pro Tier. Anatomy, diagnose-based, treatment specific courses in fun and easy to watch online courses.

Free access ($7,000 value) to the online, fully interactive anatomy software and atlas to explore dynamic 3D models at your fingertips

We are always adding to our list of over 60 treatment guidelines. This will keep your patients advancing and your treatment evidence based.

A list and description of all relevant pediatric assessments for evaluation of pediatric upper extremity diagnoses and treatment guidelines for relevant pediatric UD diagnoses.

Using the Stretch & Tag process you will have handouts and demo videos for nearly 30 different splints.

We have custom discount options for both CHT Prep and Pro tiers and for staff departments of different sizes. If you prefer to purchase the Pro tier we also have discount upgrades for those staff that are working on CHT Exam prep.
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