Discovering Dupuytren’s Disease E-Book

While conservative treatment of Dupuytren’s Disease is not recommended or supported by research, hand therapists do treat patients for post operative and post injection care. We also are a first stop for patients referred from primary care providers. It is important to know the options available for managing this condition.

Discovering Dupuytren’s Disease E-Book

Understanding the cord types and anatomy of Dupuytren’s Disease is crucial to understanding the nature of the functional limitation as well as surgical outcomes. Whether receiving collagenase injections, needle aponeurotomy or open release, the type of cord is important to the impact on the patient's use of the hand.

Treatment planning varies based on the different types of treatment. From early motion to slower recovery, we provide 4 different treatment guidelines that, as always, are evidence based. Even for those patients with prolonged attenuation of the central slip, these guidelines will help shape your care in an evidence based manner.

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication for care of the patient with Dupuytren’s Disease is included in this book.

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Discovering Dupuytren’s Disease E-Book

Finally, we include step-by-step instructions for the most common orthoses for the post operative care following treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease.

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