Distal Radius Fracture Training

Distal Radius Fracture Training

While it’s a common diagnosis in the world of hand therapy, there is a lot to know for this population. Making sure you know everything will improve your confidence and your patients’ outcomes.

Starting with a solid evaluation that includes range of motion, strength, sensation as well as a full occupational profile. You should also be including information from functional motor tests. Items like the 9-hole test, box and block and the Moberg Pick-up test. These will all help you track your patient’s progress as well as justify continued therapy.

Distal Radius Fracture Training

Then we get into treatment. Standard treatment guidelines for post operative and conservative guidelines for those who didn’t have surgery or have other complications. We go even further with information on how to help patients through some of the most common complications. Pain, Edema and even a thorough discussion of CRPS and how to address it.

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Finally, we take you through 3 different splints. Video instructions with printable how-to guides are included. We make a different type of wrist support that is fast, supportive, and less likely to cause 1st web space pain. We also cover instructions on a static progressive wrist ROM orthosis and a DRUJ stability cuff.

Distal Radius Fracture Training

It may be a common diagnosis, but there is a lot to know about anatomy, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication. This course will take you from beginning to end for treatment of a patient with a distal radius fracture.

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Both the initial anatomy of a fracture and of the forearm, and the surgical implications involved.

Learn the full gambit of elements of a thorough evaluation for patients with a distal radius fracture.

Progression of treatment is explained here for post operative and conservative management.

Learn how to manage some of the more common complications associated with distal radius fractures.

3 different splints for support of the wrist, static progressive load for ROM and stability for the DRUJ.

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