Elbow LCL Treatment E-Book

The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) of the elbow is a complex structure and has unique characteristics that impact the healing and treatment of an injury. With three primary components, and the additional annular ligament, the dynamic interplay of these structures requires specific planning for rehabilitation.

lateral collateral ligament

Loss of stability in a chronic presentation can result in Posterio-Lateral Rotational Instability. This progression of subluxation can cause pain and loss of function. This ebook addresses both conservative and post operative management of PLRI.

We include images to help you understand some of the provocative testing needed to identify instability of the LCL of the elbow as well as descriptions of the test to add clarity.

With printable treatment guideline handouts for you to use in your clinic, this ebook also helps guide treatment planning.

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lateral collateral ligament

Finally, we include step-by-step instructions for the most common orthoses for support of the elbow for both conservative and post operative care.

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication for care of the patient with an injury to the LCL of the elbow is included in this book.​

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