Elbow LCL Treatment

While it's a less common diagnosis in the world of hand therapy, you need to understand the unique anatomy, precautions and treatment guidelines for progressing the patient appropriately.

Elbow LCL Treatment

Starting with a solid evaluation that includes range of motion, strength, sensation as well as provocative tests and a full occupational profile. You should also educate the patient on the unique precautions and movements to avoid protecting the structures.

Then we get into treatment. Standard treatment guidelines for post operative and conservative guidelines for those who didn’t have surgery or have other complications.

Elbow LCL Treatment
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Finally, we take you through 2 different splints. Video instructions with printable how-to guides are included. Whether it’s a muenster orthosis, or a posterior elbow that you’ll convert to a hinged elbow orthosis later, we show you how to make them faster with the stretch and tag method.

Elbow LCL Treatment
Elbow LCL Treatment

It may be an uncommon diagnosis, but it’s important to understand all of the factors that impact patient outcomes and return to work or sports. This course will take you from beginning to end for treatment of a patient with an elbow LCL injury.

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, and treatment for care of the patient with a flexor tendon injury is included in this course.

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Understanding the role of the ligaments of the LCL will help you stay compliant with precautions and manage the patient’s care.

Knowing surgical considerations is important for understanding how to modify treatment.

Progressing the patient can be complicated. We cover conservative and post operative care with relevant timelines for both.

Whether you are fabricating a muenster, or posterior elbow orthosis, we include a demo video and printable handout for both.

While often used for MCL treatment, this can be very successful for treatment of an injured LCL also. We take you through an evidence based version of the ‘Thrower’s 10’ program.

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After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

Course Objectives:

1. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to identify the common etiology of lateral elbow pathology.

2. Upon completion of the course, learners can apply knowledge of conservative treatment interventions gained through the course in a clinical setting.

3. Upon completion of the course, the learner can apply post-operative treatment interventions gained through the course in a clinical setting.

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Education Level: Intermediate Level, foundational knowledge
Instructional Method: Independent Distance Learning using a post-course assessment
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