Evidence-Based Taping

Taping can be an excellent supplement to your treatment of a variety of injuries. KT tape, athletic tape, Leukotape and compression coban wrapping can all be useful in managing and advancing a patient’s symptoms.

Taping Methods

But the amount of options available is overwhelming. So many sources provide suggestions for methods of taping. In this course we look at the research. We searched through available peer reviewed research articles to find quality studies that supported the use of taping in specific methods for specific diagnoses.

For each method we provide rationale, method of taping, and recommendations provided in the respective article to ensure you are matching the method in the research.

Taping Methods

All of the videos are also supported with an ebook that provides step-by-step instructions for each of the methods with vivid and descriptive support images.

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We found 14 strong articles with specific methods for taping provided for diagnoses from carpal tunnel to lateral epicondylitis to trigger point release to edema wrapping.

Taping Methods

If you are looking for clear instructions on taping methods that are evidence based, this is the course for you.

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14 total evidence based taping methods explained with how-to-guides and step-by-step instructions

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