Neuro-Degenerative Diagnoses

Treating neurodegenerative disease diagnoses can be complicated. Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain Barre, Parkinson’s and many others, can be complicated and can be frustrating for therapists to create treatment planning.

Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis

Orthoses in this course include a writing orthosis for adapting the task of handwriting and a C-bar orthosis for preserving the integrity of the 1st web space.

This course covers the unique needs of this population with attention to evaluation, daily living skills, orthosis fabrication and patient education.

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Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis
Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis

Everything you need to know about providing care for a patient with a Neuro Degenerative Diagnosis is covered in this course.

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Learn the details and needs for patients with MS, Guillain Barre and other acquired neurologic diagnoses

We cover how to conduct an evaluation for these patients and focus on their specific, functional concerns

Treatment and considerations for improving functional independence for this population

Demonstration on how to make an orthosis to aid in functional writing capacity

Demonstration on how to make an orthosis to preserve the 1st web space and prevent contracture

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