Orthosis Invoice E-Book

Insurance companies often ask us for detailed invoices to justify the charges for a custom orthosis, prefab orthosis, supply or repair to an orthosis. These invoices are ready to go versions for each of the orthosis and supplies insurance companies cover for patients.

Orthosis Invoice Ebook

It’s time consuming and stressful to have to make up the costs for each splint and itemize the details for each splint. We’ve put it all together for you and given you all of the invoices in one, easy to reference location.

You can print and submit them as-is, or reproduce the information on your company’s letterhead to get full reimbursement for your orthoses.

Orthosis Invoice Ebook
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We are constantly working to add resources for the hand therapy community and improve the sharing of resources. Use this to build your clinic’s reimbursement rates and success for claims.

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