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If you’ve taken one of our courses you know how much we love to create unique charts and images to make information easier to understand. Collecting the information into one, easy to read format makes learning and mastering the content manageable.

Hand therapy charts

Understanding anatomical concepts is complicated. Our charts can help add visual understanding of the relationships and forces at play. Clarity and understanding is always the focus of our charts.

Sometimes you just need to memorize the data. But it isn’t always clear and easy to find all of the answers. We’ve put it together in one easy place for you to find it without reading through the same paragraph 3-4 times.

Whether it’s complex carpal kinematics, diagnosis classifications or explaining a ton of different tendon transfer types, this ebook includes resources to make learning hand therapy content easier.

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Hand therapy charts

With each of the related courses, we worked to consolidate information into easier to digest formats. These colorful and useful charts are the results.

We’ve put together over 55 pages of bright, clear and helpful charts to help you study and learn as you grow into a better therapist or prepare for the CHT exam.

This e-book, and all of our CEU courses, are available for free in our Pro and CHT Prep membership tiers.
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