Peripheral Nerves Explained E-Book

This e-book is packed full of dynamic slides and images to help guide you through evaluation and treatment of patients with peripheral nerve injuries of the upper extremity.

peripheral nerve injuries

Everything starts with anatomy, and so does this. With printable handouts of orders of innervation as well as sensory innervations and dynamic and detailed anatomic images featuring pathways and compressions sites of the peripheral nerves.

We’ve included charts and images to support nerve anatomy as well as evaluation and sensory testing norms for nerves. Strength norms, functional testing instructions and norms and provocative testing instructions and detailed support images are all packed in this ebook.

peripheral nerve injuries

With printable handouts for your patients and treatment guidelines for you, this e-book also helps guide treatment planning.

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peripheral nerve injuries

Finally, we include step-by-step instructions for the most common orthoses for peripheral nerve injuries.

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, treatment and orthosis fabrication for peripheral nerve injury care is included in this book at over 100 pages.

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