Peripheral Nerves Explained

Treating compression and injury to the peripheral nerves of the upper extremity can be confusing and complicated. With so many different compression sites, compex anatomical pathways and tons of provocative tests it’s tough to know how to get the best outcomes.

Peripheral Nerve Injuries

In this course we start with anatomy and provide dynamic guided anatomical walkthroughs of the pathways of each of the peripheral nerves with matching handouts. We also cover all of the anastamoses that can add confusion to a patient’s presentation.

We take you through a full evaluation process with sensory and strength testing demonstrations as well as instructions on provocative testing and typical presentations. Don’t forget about functional testing. This is included as well to keep close to our functional roots for patient occupations.

Peripheral Nerve Injuries

All of this and an ebook with 100 pages of step-by-step guides, dynamic graphics, printable handouts for patients and for your treatment guidance.

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To help guide your treatment we also go over protocols for conservative and post operative treatment of nerve compression/injuries and demonstrations of orthosis fabrication for relevant patient needs.

peripheral nerve injuries

Everything you need to know about providing care for a patient with a peripheral nerve injury is covered in this course and its ebook.

Welcome and Ebook

Dynamic Graphic walkthroughs of nerve anatomy, compression sites and unique aspects of each peripheral nerve

Manual Muscle Testing, provocative testing and a full demonstration of all aspects of an evaluation for a patient with a peripheral nerve injury

Planning and executing therapy for pre and post operative nerve injury care

Step-by-step instructions and demonstrations for common orthoses for pre and post operative nerve injury care

Closing and Course Quiz for CEUs

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After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

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