Practice Exam Instructions

Get The Most Out of Your Test​
This sample test demonstrates how our full, 200 question test functions. Below are some tips to get the most out of your experience
Our full test has a clock to help you budget time. You will have 5 total hours on the full practice test, but know that your target time for the CHT Exam is 4 hours.
You will not be able to pause the test once you begin. Just like the HTCC exam. You need to set aside the full block of time for full completion.
Before you start, take a few moments to practice filling out your brain dump sheet on a blank piece of paper. Do this before you open the test and starts.
Practice strategies for multiple choice questions. Read the full question, rule out easy incorrect answers, Try reading answers first so you know what the longer questions are looking for.
As a full CHT Prep member, you will see a full report of all of the questions with your answer, the correct answer, explanation of the correct response and citation. You will also see a full score for the test AND scores for each content subsection.
Also as a CHT Prep member, you can take this twice. We would prefer you spend your time studying rather than retaking too many tests. Treat each one as a significant event.
Rationale is not always included when the reasoning for the correct answer is implicit in the question.
Don’t skip any questions. This will be counted as an incorrect answer, just like the exam. Keep track of any you skip and return to them by selecting correct page across the top of the screen. • @HandTherapyAcademy • @HandTherapyAcademy