Shoulder Made Simple

Treatment of shoulder pain and dysfunction can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t need to be. This course helps simplify the diagnoses, evaluation and treatment of the most common injuries and conditions of the shoulder.

Shoulder Pain Rehab

A clear and unique anatomical review will simplify the concepts of the structures of the shoulder as well as what happens with injury or dysfunction of the shoulder. Because so many shoulder issues can originate from thoracic outlet concerns or compression of the neurovascular structures, we cover the structures, issues and provocative tests for dysfunction in these areas.

We include a review of evidence based provocative testing of the shoulder and treatment guidelines for preoperative and post operative management for patients with 7 different common shoulder diagnoses: rotator cuff repair, SLAP repair, instability x2, arthritis & subacromial pathology.

Shoulder Pain Rehab

With printable home program handouts and a review of over 30 different rehab exercises for your patients, and treatment guidelines for you, this course also helps guide treatment planning with in-clinic and home based exercises.

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Shoulder Pain Rehab
Shoulder Pain Rehab

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, and treatment for care of the patient with shoulder pain is included in this course.

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Learn the intricate and detailed anatomy with a unique 3D model

We demonstrate provocative testing, ROM measurements and all of the relevant eval aspects

Treatment and considerations for conservative and post operative arthritic shoulders

Conservative management of these zones with orthosis and protocol instructions

Traumatic and multidirectional shoulder instability treatment with and without surgery

Treatment for each stage of the ‘Frozen’ shoulder

Understand the classification system and how it impacts treatment post operatively

Conservative and post operative treatment for labral tears

Joint mobilizations and other various methods for manual treatment of shoulder injuries

Demonstrations of a wide variety of shoulder exercises for use in treatment

Closing and Course Quiz for CEUs

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After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

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