Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

Ulnar sided wrist pain is complex and can be a tricky diagnosis to treat. Identifying the primary cause is crucial. And, like most things, it starts with an awareness of the anatomical structures at play.

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

This course starts with a clear anatomical review of the structure of the ulnar side of the wrist. This will simplify the concepts of the structures of the wrist as well as discussion and flow charts helping you determine the causes of pain and plan for treatment.

Identifying the injured structure is key and provocative tests play a crucial role in identifying where the dysfunction occurs.
For that reason, we provide detailed descriptions and demonstrations of the structures and provocative tests for evidence based options.

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

With printable home program handouts for your patients and treatment guidelines for you, the included ebook also helps guide treatment planning with in-clinic and home based exercises.

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Finally, we include a review of options for the most common orthoses for support of the wrist for both conservative and post operative care.

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

Everything you need to guide your understanding, evaluation, and treatment for care of the patient with ulnar sided wrist pain is included in this course.

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Learn the intricate and detailed anatomy with a unique presentation of the ulnar side of the wrist

Learn all of the provocative tests, measurements and special considerations during an evaluation

Specific exercises, precautions and planning for a variety of injuries to the ulnar side of the wrist

Review a complex presentation to learn the decision making process for this difficult diagnosis

We cover some of the most common orthoses used in treatment of this side of the wrist: custom and prefabricated

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