CHT Practice Test

In this 200 question CHT Practice Test we have worked to reflect all of the knowledge base you will need to master to prepare for taking the HTCC certification exam. But we went much further and worked to create a test simulation experience that will also help guide your studies after you finish the test.

CHT exam

First, all of these questions are clear, accurate and supported by research. These questions closely reflect the way questions are asked on the exam itself. Everything has been vetted by a crew of reviewers with a variety of experience and various expertise.

We built in a running clock to simulate the test experience and help you learn to manage your time in preparation for the big day. AND, when you are done with the exam, you get so much more than a basic raw score.

PLUS, if you decide you want even more information, you can sign up to become a CHT Prep member after taking the exam to get even more metrics and guidance.

You will get to see all of your incorrect answers along with a rationale for the correct answer and the research to support that answer.

CHT Practice Test

With over 25 subcategories you will get detailed scores on categories ranging from anatomy, to pediatrics, to research and beyond. Each sub category’s score will tell you which areas to focus on moving forward.

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CHT exam

As a member you will also get to see the correct answers and their rationale with supporting research for ALL of the 200 questions. We’ve put everything you could possibly need into this clear and direct test that closely simulates the actual test and your test taking experience.

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