Neuro Diagnoses Courses Bundle

Neurologic diagnoses in hand therapy aren’t a typical caseload for most therapists. But we can often find ourselves working with a patient after a stroke, with multiple sclerosis or with focal dystonia.

That’s why we created this course. We put together 3 short courses that cover acquired neurological disorders, neuro-degenerative disorders and focal dystonia. These each have a very unique presentation but also can benefit greatly from the expertise of the hand therapist.

Everything from evaluation to treatment planning to orthosis fabrication for these diagnoses is covered.

We even include printable handouts with information on fabrication of orthoses as well as suggestions for treatment.

Neuro Diagnosis
Neuro Diagnosis
Neuro Diagnosis

You can buy them individually or as a group and keep them hand for the next time you need to treat a patient with an acquired, neurodegenerative or dystonic neurologic diagnosis.

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