Basic Membership Tier

Getting into hand therapy can be confusing and complicated. With so many different content areas to know and so much to master, it’s tough to know how to get the best outcomes for your patients. The Basic Tier is designed to give you the resources to be comfortable with treatment in a hand therapy setting.

Basic Membership Tier

Clean, clear, easy to read home program handouts are the starting point with this tier. No more using bad copies taken from everyone’s previous employer. No more unprofessional handouts. Your patient’s understanding and compliance will improve with these standardized and organized home program handouts.

Improve your evaluation process and your workflow with our resources. Our evaluation form will help guide your process and consolidate the information from your assessment. We also have charts with the best supported provocative tests for the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Basic Membership Tier

Our short courses simplify some of the more complicated concepts in hand therapy, Carpal kinematics, flexor tendon treatment, CRPS, Nerve glides and a ton more. These short video vignettes are a great way to improve your understanding of patient care

Membership starts at $19.99

Being a Basics member gives you access to resources to get you comfortable with the day-to-day treatment of patients in hand therapy. Coding cheat sheets, grasp pattern explanation, product links, and lots of printable

Basic Membership Tier

Basic Membership Tier Contents

Over 55 different standardized handouts to bring professionalism to your patient care and home program recommendations

Printable handout with instructions and supporting research for the provocative test with the best sensitivity and specificity

Short vignetted videos to help you understand some of the most complicated hand therapy topics

Handouts to help you find codes for your documentation without searching the internet

A collection of some of our favorite products. Even a few discount codes to get you a deal on the items

A list and description of all relevant pediatric assessments for evaluation of pediatric upper extremity diagnoses

Super useful for prosthetic or amputation documentation, this document covers the essential functional grasp patterns for upper extremity function and daily tasks

After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

You can cancel at any time after an initial 90 day minimum membership

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