Pro Membership Tier

If you are looking to take your clinic practice to the next level we’re here to help. Our Pro Tier is designed to give you the continuing ed courses and resources to improve your clinical skills and improve your daily treatment with patients. We include all of the Basic tier resources, plus so much more

Being a Pro Tier member gives you access to all of our CEU courses to dive even deep into each subject matter and cover all of the bases. Flexor tendon, extensor tendon, ulnar sided wrist pain, peripheral nerve treatment, CMC arthritis, and a TON more. We are constantly adding online courses to help you stay up to date on evidence based treatment strategies and effective treatment methods.

Our provocative test guidelines take you through the options for each upper extremity diagnosis with the best specificity and sensitivity. The video instructional pairs with the printable handout to ensure you are using the best tests with your patients.

Membership starts at $44.99

The Pro Tier membership includes a free subscription to This online program gives an amazing 3D fully interactive models and an anatomy atlas with dissection and quizzing available. You can use this resource as a learning tool or teaching tool for your patients and students.

Pro Membership Tier
Pro Membership Tier

As part of the Pro Tier you have access to all of our evidence based treatment guidelines. With over 60 diagnoses included, and more coming available all the time, this is a fantastic library of protocols to make sure your treatment is evidence based with solid rationale.

We’ve worked hard to include all of the resources you’ll need to take your clinical skills to the next level. With splinting demo videos and handouts, pediatric treatment guidelines and lots of extra add-ons, there is no shortage of things to learn about hand therapy in the Pro Tier.

Pro Membership Tier Contents

Over 55 different standardized handouts to bring professionalism to your patient care and home program recommendations

Demo Videos & Printable handout with instructions and supporting research for the provocative test with the best sensitivity and specificity

All of our CEU courses are included for free in the Pro Tier. Anatomy, diagnose-based, treatment specific courses in fun and easy to watch online courses.

Free access ($7,000 value) to the online, fully interactive anatomy software and atlas to explore dynamic 3D models at your fingertips

We are always adding to our list of over 60 treatment guidelines. This will keep your patients advancing and your treatment evidence based.

A list and description of all relevant pediatric assessments for evaluation of pediatric upper extremity diagnoses and treatment guidelines for relevant pediatric UD diagnoses.

Using the Stretch & Tag process you will have handouts and demo videos for nearly 30 different splints.

After completing the course every student receives a Certificate!

You can cancel at any time after an initial 90 day minimum membership

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